Newton-King George Boulevard Plan
Stage 2 Survey
The Newton-King George Boulevard Plan is nearing completion. Once approved, the plan will serve as a guide for redevelopment and infrastructure improvements in the neighbourhood. 

This survey presents the main components of the final plan that is expected to be considered by Council this Fall. Your feedback will support final refinements to the plan and will be reported back to Council. 


We started the planning process for the Newton-King George Boulevard Plan in 2019. The Stage 1 (draft) Plan was approved by Council in June 2021. It included a Land Use Strategy, Transportation Strategy, and Parks & Open Space Strategy.

The plan presented today is very similar to the Stage 1 (draft) Plan with some refinements following community engagement.
The Newton-King George Boulevard Plan Summary is available HERE
Surrey is a diverse city, home to people of a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Please be respectful and ensure your responses clearly answer the questions. Irrelevant and/or disrespectful responses will not be considered when reviewing the survey feedback.

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