Sport Surrey - Sport Tourism Grant Program
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Summary/Policy Statement:
The Sport Surrey - Sport Tourism Grant Program is designed to assist organizations hosting events that encourage tourism in the City of Surrey. The grants are intended to offset facility rental costs at City of Surrey facilities.

Applications must be submitted in full along with all supporting documents.

Selection Committee:
A Sport Tourism Grant Committee has been established, consisting of staff representatives from the City of Surrey Finance Department, Parks Recreation and Culture Department, and Discover Surrey.

Applicants must meet the below Grant Eligibility Criteria:
  • The sport event must be sanctioned by the appropriate, recognized organization (PSO, NSO, IF, etc.) if applicable.
  • The sport event must be at the provincial, western/regional, national, international, or invitational level.
  • The event must be held in the City of Surrey and be sponsored by local organizations, as well as have a direct impact on the local economy (e.g. Surrey room night counts).
  • Grant applications for the same event multiple years in a row must demonstrate significant growth of the event. Priority will be given to grants for new events in their initial years to help them become established.
  • More favorable considerations will be given to sport events that are outside the busy tourism seasons and are held mid-week.
  • Consideration will be taken into how residents will be impacted by the event.
  • Higher priority will be given to events taking place over 2 or more consecutive days.
  • The sport hosting organization must have the experience and capacity to successfully host the event.
  • The organization must not view the grant as an automatic ongoing source of funding.
  • Previous grant recipients must have submitted final reports from past events to be eligible for future grants.
  • Grant applications will only be considered if the organization has cleared all outstanding balances from previous events.

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