Surrey Police Service Recruiting & Diversity Survey
Surrey’s transition to a municipal police service is well underway, and Surrey Police Service (SPS) continues to expand with more employees starting every month. An important part of our hiring strategy will include the addition of new recruits to the SPS team on an ongoing basis.  

We’re building a team that reflects the community we serve and the world we live in: inclusive of all ethnicities, cultures, genders and sexual orientations. While we hire the most qualified people for the job, we do so with an eye on diversity and the need for a wide range of skills, knowledge, and lived experiences.  A diverse workplace leads to improved organizational decision-making, with broader perspectives and ideas, and fewer blind spots. Most importantly, it leads to a culture of respect, inclusion, and acceptance.

To learn more about the challenges and barriers that may exist for some community members in pursuing a career in policing, we have created a short survey.
If you are considering a new career in policing, we encourage you to take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your feedback is important and will help inform our future recruitment practices.

How do you self-identify? (Select all that apply)*

Have you ever thought about or would consider pursuing a career in policing?*

Have you ever applied to a police service?*

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